Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant is a temporary worker who usually works for independent professionals and small businesses using the Internet, fax or e-mail and who do not require the services of a full-time secretary of office manager.

 What kinds of tasks do we perform?
Some of our tasks may include administrative assistance, meeting and travel planning or event coordination. And for some independent professionals, we may help them by arranging for house sitting, calling a plumber or paying invoices. While for others we may conduct research, distribute marketing materials and news releases or update their Web site.

 Why a virtual assistant business?

I’ve been a partner in health care agency several years ago. So, I’ve already been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. I’ve accumulated a variety of skills throughout the years– administrative and communications. After conducting research into telecommuting, I decided to take the great leap of faith into this dynamic and exciting profession.

 What is your background?

I’ve worked in the field of education, the hospitality industry, health care, insurance and not-for-profit. In the last several years I’ve worked in communications/public relations.

 Where are you located?

I’m located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

 What hours are you available?

I’m available from Monday – Thursday 9 -5 pm and Friday 9 -2 pm (EST).

 What is your work style and philosophy?

I believe that the VA/client relationship should be an enjoyable partnership, as my goal is to brighten your day and lighten your load. That’s how the name “Bright Light Virtual” originated. I believe in keeping the lines of communication open at all times to help you achieve your goals.  The client is kept up-to-date on the progress of their projects, and any queries are handled as professionally and quickly as possible. 

Thinking about hiring a VA?

A great way to decide whether a VA is right for you is to ask yourself these questions:
  • Am I comfortable working with someone in another province, state, or country?
  • Am I looking for an administrative partner that I can trust and delegate to?
  • Do I need someone to assist me with administrative or creative tasks, but don't have the room or resources to bring in a full-time assistant?
  • Am I looking for someone with a particular skill who could add real value to my business?
  • If you've answered "yes" to most or all of these questions, virtual assistance might be the right fit for your business needs.

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Small business owner, sole proprietor or very active person?

  • I can provide personal services such as sending invitations, receiving RSVP's, researching venue pricing and vendors, etc. (for your birthday party, anniversary party, event or outing).
  • I can do Internet research on things like topics for upcoming presentations, appearances, articles, hotel conference rooms (for seminars), advertising rates (for a particular ad campaign)--or whatever you need information on but don't have the time to look up yourself.
  • If you have trouble keeping up with e-mail volume and are missing important messages, I can retrieve your email, sort, respond to routine requests, and forward items of importance to you at your personal email account.
  • I can provide organizational services, such as contact list maintenance, reminder services and travel arrangements.
  • If you're frequently out of the office traveling and can't check voice mail on a regular basis, I can call and retrieve messages from your voice mail, respond to routine requests and contact you with urgent messages.
  • I can order office supplies (via e-mail or fax) and have them delivered directly to you.
  • I can proofread, edit, format, spell- and grammar-check marketing literature, Web site content, flyers, manuals, proposals, etc.
  • For new or prospective hires to your company, I can verify past employment, call references and report the findings to you.

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Media expert or life/business/career coach?

  • I can write, edit or distribute your email newsletters, helping your message reach a wide audience.
  • If you conduct workshops, lectures and telecasts, I can assist with creating PowerPoint presentations & handouts, and phone calls in preparation for your appearances.
  • I can write press releases about your latest company news & events help you distribute them to the appropriate media contacts and build media lists.
  • If you need information on a certain topic for an upcoming presentation, appearance or article, I can do Internet research and provide you with detailed results.

Artist, musician or author?

  • Web site design & maintenance is definitely something I can do for you.
  • Since one of your main goals is probably exposure, a press kit (i.e. press release, bio, suggested questions, etc.) is important—I can create that for you also, along with additional press releases as appearances & events arise on your schedule.
  • If you’re a writer, I can transcribe interviews and type books and manuals for you—and submit pitches to editors/authors via email and/or regular mail when your schedule gets too crazy.
  • I can also do research to find appropriate markets to which you can submit your work, along with guideline information.

Company executive?

  • I can work with you to create that brilliant PowerPoint presentation for your next meeting.
  • I can also help you maintain your schedule, arrange meetings and make travel arrangements for you.
  • I can keep your office well-stocked by ordering supplies online, and I can create/update employee handbooks & procedure manuals.
  • I can also assist you with data presentations that need to be distributed on a regular basis.
  • In addition, I can help with answering phones or lend a helping hand during your department’s busy periods, or if you’re regular assistant is sick or on vacation (contact me for information about possible on-site work).

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The VA / Client Relationship
I am an independent contractor.  I own my business, pay my own taxes, work from my own office, own my own equipment, set my own hours, and bill you for my services. It is important that my clients understand this and treat this as a partnership in which I work with them, not for them. You, as the client, will not provide Bright Light Virtual with any health insurance benefits, paid vacation, or any other employee benefits.

 Terminating an agreement
A client/VA relationship should always be satisfactory; communication is the key to that. I'll always work with a client to find a solution that will benefit us both. However, in the event that things are not working out and the time comes for a partnership to end, please note that this agreement is not locked into a specific time, and may be terminated by either the client or myself.


  • We will return all documents to you by diskette, e-mail, fax or other, as needed.
  • E-mail deliveries are free of charge.
  • No charge for #10 envelopes with one ounce postage within Canada.
  • We invoice mail over one ounce at the current Canada Post rate.
  • Other delivery methods (FedEx, UPS, etc.) will be billed to the client at cost.
  • All files are virus-checked prior to transmission.

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Our Commitment to you
To offer exceptional services at reasonable costs to help you achieve your goals.