Promoting a product or service to your community can best be described as a David going up against a Goliath.  The good news is– David won. 


Benefits of a good publicity initiative:

  • You increase awareness.
  • You build product recognition.
  • You increase your product/service appeal to prospective clients.


Is it really free advertising?  That’s a myth.  Here’s a brief list of some of the costs:

  • Cost of a writer/virtual assistant to prepare the press release.
  • Cost to process and deliver press release. It takes time whether you’re using e-mail or snail mail.
  • Cost for photographs.
  • Costs for building targeted media lists.
  • Costs for pitching your story and ideas to the editor/reporter.

And after you've covered all your bases, there is no assurance that your release will be published or if any of it will be used. Your release depends on the day's news and the assignment editor.

Next issue we’ll examine two areas where you should begin to implement an effective publicity program.



Evena Gottschalk is a virtual communications and administrative assistant who has worked as a communications coordinator in health, legal and not-for-profit organizations. Her qualifications include a Diploma in Corporate Communications from the Bell Centre for Creative Communications, Centennial College and Certificates in General Management and Bookkeeping.  Return to the resources page. Return to homepage.


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